Cycle Wheel Building

Want those special wheels?

Come in – choose your hubs, rims and type of spokes and tell us how you’d like them built (radial, cross 3, etc) and your dream will come true!Mick Madgett

Mick’s expertise in wheel building is renowned world wide having learned from his father at a tender age and his wheels have been used in the Olympics.

Eric Madgett still holds the Trump Card of wheel building as he also built wheels used in the Tour de France. The nearest Mick has got to this was supplying the ‘Mavic’ service mechanics with spoke keys!!

Mick also does a great job of wheel repairs – straightening and re-spoking.

Madgetts are now the sole importers of Cerchio Ghisallo WOODEN WHEEL RIMS!

Cerchio Ghisallo is Located but a few metres off from the renown “Our Lady of the Ghisallo” Sanctuary, Cerchio Ghisallo works from an artisan workshop of old, utterly unique in our genre. Dedicated to the production of bicycle rims with a passion, we avail of quite a range of rim and spoke hole sizes, as well as mudguards and chaincases. Contact us for full product details.


Bike Repair CentreShop & Repair Centre                 

Our shop is packed full of cycles and accessories, we also offer a repair service, Click here for more details.


Find MADGETTS CYCLES in Diss          

We are situated in shelfanger road in Diss Norfolk, 100 yds from ATS  For more directions, please click here.Find Magetts Cycles

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